Farhan Saeed pens a note to fans for making his ‘ordinary’ character Hamza ‘special’ one

The Qasim Mureed executive Mere Humsafar has turned into all the rage with individuals including veteran entertainer Nadia Jamil holding up each week – predictably – to watch Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir take Hamza and Hala’s story forward.

Overpowered yet thankful for all the adoration given to his personality Hamza, Saeed took to Instagram with an appreciation note for fans for making the “common” job “exceptional” with their love.”Hamza Raees Ahmed, a person I never suspected would get such a lot of commendation from around the globe, I just made the right decision. This was more or less customary till you folks made it unique. All the affection and achievement it has is a result of the affection you folks gave it,” he composed for fans who, with their perspectives, preferences and considerations on the show, made each episode pattern in “different nations.”

Aside from fans, Saeed additionally said thanks to Aamir for “being an astounding co-star” whose energy he called “infectious” and acting “mind blowing.” Not failing to remember chief Mureed, he added, “The skipper! There’s absolutely nothing that who can’t contact and make it gold. My companion, my number one chief and my sidekick, thank you for being awesome at what you do. You move me to be energetic about what we do, I am simply happy that we saw each other’s potential when no other person did.”

The Sajni vocalist finished up the note from where it began – with his fans. Saying their affection rouses him to do considerably more later on, he expressed, “And with you folks behind me, I have no question we together will accomplish more prominent things.”I am carrying on with a lifetime in one year. It’s all occurrence so quick. I’m exceptionally thankful and I am requiring every day as it comes. At this moment, all the emphasis is simply on being sound, cheerful, yet mujhe kaam ke keede bahut hai. I can’t not work. Individuals are asking me to simply chill, put my advantages and sit idle. Yet, I need to work and keep on doing that. since I feel that ought to never show signs of change. That keeps your psyche and heart blissful. Perhaps a long time from now I will think back and I will be like, “OMG! What was 2022? How could it start and how could it end?” I am appreciating it.

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