I’ve given up on alcohol, not life- Pooja Bhatt

The heart-breaking ghazal, sung through Talat Aziz and written via Suraj Sanim for Mahesh Bhatt’s Daddy (1989), became the denouement of the movie. Through it Anupam Kher, who played an alcoholic, redeems himself in the eyes of his teenage daughter played by Pooja Bhatt. Little did the debutante then recognise that the reel narrative would play out in her actual existence a long time later. A failed marriage, a feel of a loss of identification, an urge to break out unpalatable reality all pressured Pooja to hit the bottle. Everyone has their personal manner of dealing with pain, with life, with their troubles. And alcohol is like liquid photoshop! She says. Being daughter of director Mahesh Bhatt, whose tryst with alcohol changed into additionally a ingesting one, her genes simplest amplified her urge for food for it. Fortunately like her father, the identical genetic grit helped her smash unfastened from the addiction. While she continues that she’s still getting better from alcohol, she’s ecstatic to have rejuvenated her career. The father-daughter duo has been providing the theatrical production of their movie Daddy throughout the country, perhaps as a tribute to the fiction, which unwittingly have become a fact in their lives. We now want to opposite the tale of Daddy and make a movie on a lady, who’s an alcoholic and abandons her child, says Pooja insisting that the female angle merits a hearing too. Her lively confession in her phrases.KICK THE DRINK

It changed into a random telephonic verbal exchange with my father (Mahesh Bhatt), which have become the turning factor of my life. We began discussing the nation of the usa and the way it’s not the India we were born into anymore. He signed off announcing, I love you kid. I responded, Love you too Pops! Then I sent him a message saying, You’re the most effective thing in my Universe it truly is simply worth loving. He texted returned, If you like me, love your self first because I live in you. My father has by no means told us children what to do and what now not to. But in between those lines
I heard a plea, Get hold of yourself! I messaged him pronouncing that from that day onwards I’d be the first-rate of myself. However, that nighttime I went out and drank with my pals.The subsequent day became Christmas Eve, a competition of affection. You join it with a bottle of wine and cheer. But I informed myself there has been no better occasion to give up consuming. I positioned my telephone on silent. I sat at home with my four cats and brought in Christmas sober. Outside within the by way of-lanes of Bandra, there was festivity and cheer. My smartphone showed messages asking, Where are you? I simply omitted them. The subsequent morning I felt like I had conquered Mount Everest. In retrospect, it looks as if divine intervention. Because from that night there was no looking returned.The selection became life-changing. I realised many human beings don’t have anything to do with you once the bottle has been taken away. Everywhere you move, you have to make excuses for not ingesting. But concentrate! I’ve handiest given up on ingesting, now not existence. Months once I had turned sober, my friends urged me to have champagne on my birthday. But I refused.

I turned into simply one sip away from going lower back on that route. My buddies could argue, But you stroll in and walk out of a celebration for your toes! That did not suggest I didn’t have a hassle. My capacity to drink became manner more than that of others due to the fact I’m my father’s daughter. I drank the manner I stay – copiously! I’m now not a -drink-and-forestall man or woman. You recognize on your heart whilst something turns into a dependency. It can be a man, reputation, strength or alcohol.
Interestingly, once I stop alcohol, individuals who failed to call me in advance, started calling me. I located new people. Life became ready to embrace me. I desired to scream about this from the rooftop. I’m no function version. But I concept, if I showed my frailties, which I had turned round into success, I could help many others. Sharing your weakness could emerge as someone else’s energy.

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