Movie Review: Satellite Shankar

Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) is a soldier stationed at Kashmir who gets injured at some stage in a skirmish. It’s not a terrible harm. He’s inside the desirable books of his commanding officer after protecting his put up from the Pakistani firing unmarried handedly. Hence, he asks for his eight days rest depart to be converted into regular go away so that he can journey down South and get his ill mother operated for cataract.

The officer grants him the desire on the circumstance that he should be present at the parade ground in the morning at the quit of it. Shankar is plied with items and parcels and letters supposed for his or her loved ones from his colleagues. They guarantee him that a person would gather them from him on his lengthy train adventure from Jammu to South. Unfortunately, he misses his educate at the same time as helping an old couple. He embarks on a street journey, sacrificing his go away for the advantage of his colleagues, touching base with their households and solving their problems. He does many excellent deeds alongside the way, which get chronicled by means of an over enthusiastic video blogger (Palomi Ghosh), making him famous during the usa. It seems that he would possibly pass over out his joining cut-off date and that’s while his new found fans throughout the u . S . A . Unite to save his honour.

Satellite Shankar’s premise is remotely like that of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There, an Indian do-gooder crossed the border on the way to unite a younger Pakistani lady with her parents, sparking a mini humans’s revolution on both facets of the border. Here too, a rustic receives united when they pay attention approximately the exploits of a not unusual soldier. The film marks the return of Sooraj Pancholi to large display 4 years after his an awful lot hyped debut with Hero (2015). South actress Megha Akash performs his love hobby and the film marks her Hindi debut.

The film does have an interesting premise in the feel that it’s lead is a superb voice artiste having command over a couple of languages and as a result brings alive the spirit of any man or woman he mimics. It attempts to highlight how squaddies stationed at far away places can not be there whilst their families want them however they fortuitously undergo the weight for their u . S .. It asks you to place yourself of their footwear for a minute and see the world from their angle.

The movie takes time to develop on you. You begin to suppose it is one of these one-man-navy type of films where the hero adjustments the system via his fists however fortunately it doesn’t emerge as so. However incredible the situations seem like, they do echo actual existence concerns. It is simply proper that soldiers get duped out of their property by foxy family. Or that the army is called in during any emergency as the civilian government show incompetent. It additionally feedback on how we’ve come to be so passionate about our smartphones that we would alternatively document a tragedy over our cameras instead of achieving out and supporting our fellow humans.

The movie comes alive inside the 2d half of, whilst the romance between Shankar and Pramila (Megha Akash) starts offevolved to blossom. They make for a lovely couple and their interactions were the nicest quantities of the movie. In fact, it makes you desire the film was greater of a romance than a car with a message.

It’s reportedly shot across 10 states and the cinematography does bring the beauty of the country outside come alive. Sooraj Pancholi tries to do justice to his desirable Samaritan character and his earnestness and sincerity cannot be denied. He’s desirable in combat scenes as nicely. Megha Akash makes a assured Hindi debut. Somebody needs to solid her in a meatier role soon.

Satellite Shankar meanders off path a wee bit, is melodramatic and OTT at times but its heart truly beats for Indian militia all right…

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